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Stitch New York: Bright lights, big book launch

Celebrating the 4th of July with fibre-based fireworks I'm having a little party and you're all invited. Meet the Stitch New Y

Stitch New York is released into the wild

Start spreading the newssssss, it's published todayyyyy, you can knit cool things out of it, STITCH NEW YORK, STITCH NEW YOOOO

Knitting pattern: The Killing – Little Knitted Sarah Lund

Little Knitted Sarah Lund, is a handknitted version of the hardworking, jumper-wearing, tenacious detective lady from stabby D

Stitch London Olympics: the pigeon Olympic games

It's been a long and nervous wait but the Stitch London 2012 Olympics are finally here! Let's the Purly Pigeon Olympic Games b

Meet the Knits: London Steampunk meets Stitch London

Join me, steampunk scribbler extraordinaire Gail Carriger, Plarchie the squid, Cooey the Pigeon (armed with her very own tiny

Handmade Little My needs a home

Little My is a feisty thing and possibly my favourite character from Tove Jansson's Moomin stories. She knows what she likes,

Happy Valentine’s Pigeon

A very mushy loved up Valentine's Day from Cooey the Pigeon and her new friends, the Flutters. Awwwwwwww.

Free Chrismouse Pattern: Toerag the Tube Mouse from Stitch London

I’ve teamed up with the fantabulous folks at Craft to release one of the patterns from the shiny Stitch London book into the

Whodunnknit Goodies at Duckie Christmas Market

Fancy getting your paws on some exclusive Whodunnknit stuff? Want to wear your crafty love with pride? Feel the overwhelming n

Plarchie the Knitted Squid to Party with China Miéville

It was only a matter of time before it happened: China Miéville, world famous fantasy fiction writer with a soft spot for gia