Happy Valentine’s Pigeon

A very mushy loved up Valentine’s Day from Cooey the Pigeon and a handful of Flutters


Cooey Valentine - I heart you

I love coo!

If you’re not familiar with the Flutters, they’re a species of Umbrella Fellas from the Stitch London book. Umbrella Fellas are little tiny knits that you attach to the ends of your trusty brolly to jolly it up when the rain is coming down.

Cooey Valentine - flutter

Hello, teeny Flutter!

Umbrella Fellas - Flutter

A Flutter hangs with his favourite brolly

But they’re not just for umbrellas. They’re thrilled to appear in loads of different ways. More from them in future…

Cooey Valentine - flutters
A flurry of knitted Flutters

For now have a LOVE-ly day. 🙂

(And don’t forget there’s also the free Smitten Softspot knitting pattern, for those of you who like your handmade hearts a little bigger)


  1. cate
    February 14, 2012

    I love looking at your creations. Cooey the pigeon makes me smile.