Do you have something to say that can’t be said by sending a message via one-legged manky carrier pigeon? Then say it here and invisible internet messenger mice will carry it to me in their tiny paws. I’ll get the invisible cheese in just in case.

Want to commission me or buy a Whodunnknit? I am available for commission work and have made woolly art for cool clients from John Lewis to Nintendo, Tate Britain, and Toyota, with private commissions for shining stars such as Emma Thompson, Emma Freud and Richard Curtis.

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Publicity/press questions? Email me. I’m happy to chat to any media folks who want to get in touch. I’m a busy bunny but I always try to make time if I can.

Book questions: If you want to contact me about something bookish please contact my agent, Carol MacArthur.

Students: I get lots of emails from students. I try my best to fit in time away from work to help as much as I can. Best plan is to email to ask if I have time first. If I can help I will. Also please do your research before you contact me (Dear Sir is never a good start. And it has happened…).

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