Stitch London Olympics: the pigeon Olympic games


It’s been a long and nervous wait but at last the Stitch London Olympics have begun! Stitch London’s star handmade athlete, Cooey the Pigeon (who you can find a kit to make in the front of every single Stitch London book), has set herself the challenge of taking on all manner of stitched sports over the Olympic weeks.

It all began with a torch relay which saw the purly pigeon parade with her fibrous flame to rapturous applause:

Whodunnknit Pix: Olympidge! @cooeythepigeon has her own tiny torch for #StitchLondon2012. #cooey

A proud patriotic purled pigeon

The opening ceremony wowed spectators with an appearance by the actual knitted Queen and two of her crafty corgis.

Whodunnknit Pix: Remember the #olympics opening ceremony bit where @cooeythepigeon handed the Queen the torch? No? #cooey

The little knitted Queen welcomes Cooey to the pigeon's Olympic Games

Before the event began Cooey spent some time getting to know some of the many visitors to her lovely home of London. Here she is celebrating Team Denmark with an inflatable bigger than she is.

Whodunnknit Pix: . @cooeythepigeon has become Danish for the evening. #london2012

Cooey learns to say "Rød grød med fløde"

Sadly on arriving at the Olympic Park Cooey was informed she wasn’t listed on any of the events. Not one! The horror!

Whodunnknit Pix: Yesterday @cooeythepigeon failed to get into the Olympic stadium. So she's decided to have her own Olympics. #cooey

Cooey outside the Olympic park with the saddest pigeon face known to man

After spending some time calming her down we decided that Cooey don’t need no stadium! She’s a London pigeon and she’ll bust out her competitive sport where she pleases.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Purly Pigeons everywhere LET THE STITCH LONDON OLYMPICS BEGIN!


Cooey takes to the London roof tops with her makeshift Javelin. Watch out below! Some one is going to get a 25mm bamboo in the eye…

Whodunnknit Pix: Knitted Pigeon Olympics: @cooeythepigeon attempts to chuck a crafty javelin. Go Cooey! #cooey #olympics

Cooey aims to throw the pointy projectile as far as her tiny wings can make it fly. Dammit!


Cooey faces off against American pigeon Cashmere ‘Chuck’ Brown in a nail-biting match pitting purled pigeon against pigeon.

Whodunnknit Pix: Stitch London Olympics: @cooeythepigeon wows with magnificent Judo throw. #cooey #StitchLondonOlympics

Cooey wows the crowd with a match-winning woolly wing throw

I’ll be covering all Stitch London Olympic events right here at Whodunnknit so stay tuned!

Live Stitch London Olympic coverage: Stalk me on Twitter @deadlyknitshade, or follow @cooeythepigeon. We’re on Instagram @deadlyknitshade and there’ll be live pics on Facebook at Whodunnknit. It’s the social media Stitch London Olympics!

Want to make your own Cooey the Pigeon or little knitted Queen? Get your paws on the Stitch London book! It comes with a free Cooey the Pigeon kit and raises money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research!


  1. Tess at Tanglethorne
    July 31, 2012

    Can’t wait to see the fibery frenzy when Cooey wins gold (as we know she will)! Sparkle yarn fireworks, anyone?

    • Deadly Knitshade
      July 31, 2012

      Thanks! You never know. There may be some kind of crazy medal controversy… 🙂

  2. thezenofmaking
    August 7, 2012

    Does it get any cuter/more awesome than this? I, for one, think not.