Handmade Little My needs a home

Handmade Little My - The little lady herselfButton Text Little My is a feisty thing and possibly my favourite character from Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories. She knows what she likes, she’s not afraid to say what she thinks and, best of all, deep down she has a squidgy heart of gold.

When my Knit the City: A Whodunnknit Set in London book was released we had a little party to celebrate, at the marvellous Gosh Comics. My sneaky stitching crew and I partied in purly style by releasing several little knits into the wilds of the shop. We conjured up our favourite comic book characters.

One little comic book creation that appeared on my needles was Handmade Little My. Say hi, Little My…

Knit the City Book Launch - handmde Little My sneaks from a Moomin book

Handmade Little My sneaks from a Moomin book in Gosh Comics

Knit the City Book Launch - handmade Little My

She looks like she's up something

Since the launch Handmade Little My has been hanging about in my studio advising me in sneaky stitching and demanding jam pancakes.  To be honest she’s been a delight to have around, and I couldn’t bear to part with her.

Until now.

Yup, this little handmade Whodunnknit is up for grabs and could be coming to live with you.

Button Text

Handmade Little My - The little lady herself

Handmade Little My awaits her new home. Where she promises to behave. Most of the time.

Handmade Little My is being auctioned off for a brilliant cause. She’s going to raise money for Sport Relief, as part of the fantabulous Teen Granny Scarlett F Curtis’s Knit Relief project. Sport Relief raises money to help change lives across the UK and the world’s poorest countries.

She’s one 53 Knit Relief crafty creations or offers of handmade skills being used to raise money for Sports Relief.

And in honour of her leaving me *sniff* I’ve made her a few things to take with her.

Handmade Little My will travel to you in a handmade heart-shaped box. On top of the box it says:

“Little My gave a snort and climbed out of the cardboard box”
Moominland Midwinter by Tove Jansson

This little line says a lot about the kind of creature Little My is. Just so you know she’s not one to be trifled with.

Handmade Little My - the box

Little My loves a cardboard box. Especially a handmade one.

And I’m throwing in an exclusive set of my Knit the City graffiti yarnstorming badges too (Sneaky Stitcher, Knit the City, Graffiti Knitter and Yaaaaarn!). Right now you can’t buy these anywhere are all. The only place you can get them is from me (and from my shop which I promise to open later in the year). 

Handmade Little My - four little graffiti badges

Moomintroll hauls in a shiny catch of graffiti knitting badges

So you get the handmade heart-shaped box, a set of ‘you can’t get these anywhere’ graffiti knitting badges, and my good friend Handmade Little My (who is about 15cm tall, though if you ask her she’ll say she’s taller), and you get to give money to an amazing cause. You lucky duck you.

The box has an exclusive Whodunnknit stamp on the bottom of it to prove it’s authentic, and I’ve written 1/1 on there (since I took this pic) to show she is the only Handmade Little My in the whole wide world that I have made.

Handmade Little My - Whodunnknit stamp

Whodunnknit? Well, I did. Obviously.

My last little charity knit, Little Knitted Nel, travelled all the way to America for a whopping £200. So I’m hoping Handmade Little My will follow in her comic book sister’s footsteps.

Handmade Little My - crouching

Handmade Little My shows you how small she can curl up for her journey

So please bid on Handmade Little My, and you can have a little fibre-based friend to share your jam pancakes with. I’m going to miss her. But I’m pretty sure she’ll go to a wondrous new home.

Handmade Little My - ready to go

Little My is impatient for the auction to end so she can go off and see the world

Bye bye, Handmade Little My!

Handmade Little My - badges

Handmade Little My considers how she can keep the badges herself when she gets there...

Quick! Click here to bid on Handmade Little My for Knit Relief right now

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You can also check out all of the Knit Relief handmade makes here if you want to see what else is on offer. There is some amazing stuff in there. I’ve already been outbid on three things already!

And look after Handmade Little My, won’t you? She’s ace.

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  1. Laureen
    March 20, 2012

    Snowy, cold greetings to you! Little My is fab!! Your needles are magic! Slipping off to view Knit Relief….cheers!