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Graffiti Knitting Explained

Graffiti knitting: the art of the sneaky stitch. I knit, I venture into the city, I yarnstorm, I take far too many photos, I run away giggling.

Kooky Little Knitting Patterns

Whodunnknits are created to make you squeeeeeeeeee and to make you think about knitting differently.

Join Planet Whodunnknit

Planet Whodunnknit shows the adventures of other people’s Whodunnknits, made from my patterns, as they roam about in the wild.

Add your own pictures and your kooky little knit can be a part of the Planet Whodunnknit population.

Other Stuff I Do

I do other stuff too. Lots of other stuff. It is rumoured that I never sleep. I’d dispute that rumour if I wasn’t so weary…


"Two pointy sticks, several balls of brighty coloured string and all kinds of crazy. "

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23 Nov, 2013

Who-dunnknit? A woolly celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who

My handmade Matt Smith as the bow-tied Doctor Who, a couple of familiar fibre-based friends, a woolly TARDIS and a squishy little dalek, and a Story Tree leaf with a Time Lord twist

27 Jun, 2013

Stitch New York: Bright lights, big book launch

Celebrating the 4th of July with fibre-based fireworks I’m having a little party and you’re all invited. Meet the Stitch New York knits!
Stitch New York’s little big city knits will be strutting their stitched stuff at the Royal Fesitval Hall on Thursday 4th of July.

20 Jun, 2013

Event: Aliens on the Overground (Camberwell Arts Festival)

Join the sneaky stitching graffiti knitter Deadly Knitshade on Friday June 21st at 8pm for a yarnstorming alien invasion of the London Overground.


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