One for the hipsters: Snake-Ridden Snapper

Hello 2013 and hello lovely internet stalkers of Whodunnknit! MWA AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! What evil woolly plans I have for 2013! Soon, soooooon you will all be prey to my knitted squid army!

But while they’re being conjured in my Evil Squid Cave of Doom I’ll be giving you peeks at a couple of woolly wonders that have crept off my needles in the last couple of months.

Lomography meets Whodunnknit

How I love seeing the world through the eye of a shiny camera. As you might have noticed from my obsession with Instagram it’s pretty rare that my life won’t grind to a ‘hang on a minute while I just take a picture of this’ halt at least a few times a day. If it’s a really exciting day then it’s pretty much like my camera is welded to my face (I’m so much fun to hang out with).

So when the fine folks at Lomography (home of the most hipster cameras known to bespectacled coffee-drinking man) asked me to use my woolly magic to customise one of their fabulous new Lomography DIY Sardina cameras I shouted “HELL YES!” at them rather too loudly and was blessed with this rather fine beast:

Whodunnknit Pix: By day’s end this camera will be transformed with woolliness for @lomographyuk’s #DIYSardinia show. #whodunnknit


The idea of the DIY Sardina is that you take it and make it your own. To celebrate this kooky customised camera they invited a few of us arty types to show what can be done.

In the whirlwind of wool that I’m caught up in I managed to find time to work a little woolly wonder on it. I call my souped-up Sardina The Snake-ridden Snapper. It comes complete with a shiny apple-red core that has been slithered through by a disturbingly cute smiling stitched snake. Woo hoo!

Lomography - Snake-ridden Snapper

Lomography - Snake-ridden Snapper angle

Lomography - Snake-ridden Snapper side

Lomography - Snake-ridden Snapper back

Lomography - Snake-ridden Snapper too

Lomography - Snake-ridden Snapper other side

You can clap your eyes on Snake-ridden Snapper in the Lomography ‘Let’s Play Sardines’ exhibition, featuring 24 other artists, including my handmaking hero the fabulous Felt Mistress.

It kicks off in London at Lomography Gallery Store East London, 117 Commercial Street, London E1 6BG on Thursday 17th January and runs until the end of April.

After that the tour will wander to other Lomography stores around the country so keep your beady eyes open for it at a store near you. But watch your fingers. Snakes get bitey. Apologies in advance for any digits lost.


  1. narf77
    January 15, 2013

    K…so…as a horticulturalist I HAVE to point out that snakes don’t eat apples :(…BUT I can point out that worms do! Perhaps this is Cydia pomonella on the rampage or maybe Rhagoletis pomonella has sashayed across the circumferance of your camera? Either way its a save 😉 aside from the botanical hicup, you made this camera your bitch girl!

    • Deadly Knitshade
      January 16, 2013

      Hee hee. I’m aware it’s worms that eat apples but I was going for a more tenuously biblical thing. Snake, apple, temptingly lovely camera. He’s just hanging out rather than eating. 🙂