Whodunnknit Pix: Monster group hug! @plarchie hangs with Grumbly Sticks at the #fleecestation.Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, the malicious ink-smudged pattern demons creep into the innards of my lovely patterns and make some kind of horrible mischief. The really nasty little ones will do it to patterns that go into my shiny books. The swine!

Soooo this page is here to help correct the horror and set things right.

Stitch New York:

Small Yellow Taxi

Page 38

Should read:

Rear Window
Row 41 to Row 44. Change to Light Blue. Knit in st st starting with a knit row.

Row 45. Change to Bright Yellow. P across. Mark each end with the scrap yarn to show where to fold for trunk and bumper.
Row 46 to 52. Knit in st st starting with purl row.
Bind off all sts.
Mark middle of bound off row with Marker 3 yarn.


Feisty Fibre Firefighters

At the end of the Head, Body and Legs section it should say:

Stuff body leaving legs unstuffed
Use tail of yarn to sew together the back and front of the trousers in the centre of the body. This forms two legs that are joined in the middle.
Lightly stuff both legs

These lines are at the end of the Hat section instead. Oops.

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