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Augsburg: An unofficial White Wall and auf wiedersehen

I'll end with my very favourite moment in Augsburg. It was totally unplanned, unofficial and possibly rather illegal. If defin

Augsburg: setting free the Stitched Schmetterling

Still with me? In the story so far I’m still in Augsburg and have spent six days making art in a giant city-centre fish

Augsburg: Beer for breakfast and other people’s art

I started my sixth day in Augsburg with beer for breakfast. Happily I wasn’t partaking in morning drinking alone as a wa

White Paper Four: Return of the Wild Boar Five

By the fifth day in Augsburg the three artists in the White Room seemed to finally be feeling the effects of too little sleep,

White Paper Three: Squid’s Eye View

It might not seem as tough as building skyscrapers, gutting fish or working in a coal mine but being dropped into the middle o

White Paper Two: Cross Stitch City

Sew. I don’t really sew. The art of brandishing such a tiny needle makes my neck ache just thinking about it. But there

White Paper One: Feline Flower Fest

So I’m dropped into the middle of a strange German city where I know no one and have very little clue what I’m mea

Augsburg: You say goodbye, I say hello

Zombielike I made it to the London’s not-so-Londony Stansted Airport this morning just in time to grab a cup of tea and

German Arty Big Brother: Augsburg here I come

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving in less than 24 hours… Tomorrow I’m heading off to the city of Augsbur