White Paper Three: Squid’s Eye View

It might not seem as tough as building skyscrapers, gutting fish or working in a coal mine but being dropped into the middle of a strange city to make original art every day was quite a scary thing. Here’s why:

Every day our art went up on the wall of the City of Peace Stadium in the centre of the city. There is was peered at by passers by who either lived in or were visiting the city. I felt very much that each White Paper I made needed to show the people peering at it that I was doing just what I was asked to do, and how much I was growing to love and admire their pretty little city.

A White Wall watcher peruses our art

And then it wasn’t just the city watchers watching. There were eyes everywhere! EEEEEK!

The Press Wall in the White Room fills up

There were some pretty awesome shoes to fill as last week’s White Papers were so very cool.

Oooo! Pretty!

And on top of all that some inspiring and hardworking people from lab binaer, and supporting folks from the City of Peace and the LEW (whose building the White Room lived in) were counting on us.

Our first breakfast in the White Room with the lovely lab binaer lads. Pass the pretzels!

"So these are our artists. They will never escape alive!"

I had big plans for White Paper 4 involving knitting, knitting, more knitting, and possibly getting into a fountain at 5am. But there was White Paper 3 to contend with while I was working on 4. AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

And so I did what any girl would do. I turned to the ten loving arms of my giant knitted squid and asked him for help. Plarchie had been sitting in the White Room window since we arrived. He’d been observing the people of Augsburg and choosing the ones he would like to eat. Out of politeness he never actually ate anyone. Or so he told me.

How much is that giant knitted squid in the window?

Mmm businessmen. Starchy but nice.

A human pushing a bite-sized human on wheels

If you look past the fact that Plarchie thinks that all people are really just puny human sushi, made for him to chomp on at will, then he’s really very sweet at his three hearts. He said he’d make White Paper 3 for me while I knit knit knit. And so he did.

I was so impressed with Plarchie’s pensquidship that I created a really badly made video to show how Plarchie spent his day.

And here it is. White Paper 3: A Squid’s Eye View.

Plarchie draws good, no?

See it in all its glory over at definedby.com.


On the same day my fellow artists created some pretty fine White Papers of their own:

Kaja Marie took an Augsburg newspaper article in German and made ranty English street-style poetry from it with nothing but a black marker. She read the finished poem to me while balancing on a skateboard just before midnight. It was a sight to behold.

Keiko observed in the innards of a mysterious bit of Augsburg I didn’t see when she impressively took off on one of the electric bikes the LEW lent us.


  1. Queen Laureen
    July 15, 2011

    Always good to get the squids eye view, since I am not a squid and don’t have that kind of eye…Plarchie really didn’t eat anyone?! Nice squid…