Who-dunnknit? A woolly celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who

Who-dunnknit? How I heart Doctor Who and, like most geek girls, dream of winning all two of his Gallifreyan hearts. With that in mind here is a sneak peek at my favourite custom creation ever, The Stitched Story Trees conjured up for the endlessly fabulous Emma Freud, Richard Curtis and their lovely family. The installation was made up of 122 handmade pieces and is rather epic.

I’ll do the big reveal very soon but for the time being here’s my handmade Matt Smith as the bow-tied Doctor, a couple of familiar fibre-based friends, a woolly TARDIS and a squishy little dalek, and a Story Tree leaf with a Time Lord twist to whet your appetite.

Freud-Curtis Story Tree - Doctor Who and TARDIS betreed


Freud-Curtis Story Tree - Dalek and Doctor Who and TARDIS

Little knitted Who things pose before finding their homes in the tree

Freud-Curtis Story Tree - Doctor Who and TARDIS 2

Felt bow ties are cool

Freud-Curtis Story Tree - Dalek

Teeny tiny dalek may look cuddly but he’d exterminate you in a heartbeat

Freud-Curtis Story Tree - TARDIS 2

Teeny tiny knitted TARDIS is way bigger on the inside. Took so much stuffing!

Freud-Curtis Story Tree - TARDIS betreed 2

Vroop… vroop… vroop…

Freud-Curtis Story Tree - Doctor Who leaf

Sage stitched words from the Doctor’s mouth

Freud-Curtis Story Tree - Dr Who quote 2

Yes this is the coolest Who fabric ever

 I, for one, will be firmly glued to my television tonight, stitching it up on two sonic screwdrivers and crying into my cashmere. And remember “We’re all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”


8 thoughts on “Who-dunnknit? A woolly celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who

  1. jet

    like this new patterns, funny and sooo cool. We have now a book of how to crocheting our own royal family.LOL (i’m living in the Netherlands)
    But i love your idea’s still much better.
    thank you for the sharing;-D