Little knitted Queen’s Jubilee jolly

Wheeeee! It’s the Jubilee! Celebrating 60 years of clinging tenaciously to the throne, Queen Elizabeth the Second is partying like she means it this weekend and the whole of the UK is partying with her. Joining the Jubilee celebrations the Little Knitted Queen and her two trusty tiny knitted Corgis have been out on the town too…

Here’s a sneaky peek at her adventures so far…

Whodunnknit Pix: The Queen and @cooeythepigeon cheer on The Hump. #eurovision #cooey

Little knitted Liz and Cooey the pigeon fly the flag. Huzzah!

Whodunnknit Pix: The knitted Queen takes her corgis out for their afternoon walkies. #stitchlondon

An afternoon stroll in one's Royal garden. My but the gardeners have done a good job on those daisies!

Whodunnknit Pix: The little knitted queen & corgis help knit giant Union Jack for my @btartbox. #stitchlondon #btartbox

Liz helps me knit giant Union Jack for my BT ArtBox (more on that soon!)

Whodunnknit Pix: The little knitted Queen and her corgis inspect the London overground. #stitchlondon #jubilee

London's overground train in graced with a tiny Royal visit

Whodunnknit Pix: Little knitted Queen meets children's book drawing star @jabberworks and Vern the sheep. #stitchlondon #jubilee

Little knitted Queen meets children's book drawing star Sarah McIntyre (my studio mate) and Vern the sheep.

Whodunnknit Pix: Little knitted Queen and tiny corgis admire lovely corgi print from @jabberworks. #stitchlondon #jubilee

Admiring my birthday present from Ms McIntyre which says "In corgis we trust"

Check out more of Sarah’s ever so lovely stuff and a sneak peek at my BT Artbox over on her Jabberworks blog!

Whodunnknit Pix: Breaking knitted news: little knitted Queen in green hairy monster attack. #stitchlondon #jubilee

EEEEEEEK! A handmade monster hug from Grumbly Sticks (my Crystal Palace monster). Will Little Liz escape in time for tomorrow's big bash?

Find out if Little Liz survived the monstrous hug and see more of her adventures by following @deadlyknitshade and @cooeythepigeon on Twitter, or liking us on our Whodunnknit Facebook page.

Want to make a little Liz of your own? You can buy a Little Knitted Liz kit with everything you need (including knitting needles) to make her from RU Craft. You can also buy a kit for a Knitted Union Jack Bag Flag and a Pint-sized Phone Box. You lucky ducks you! All patterns are in the Stitch London book too. But you knew that.

Have a splendiferous Jubilee woolly weekend.

And for anyone at Hay Festival tomorrow keep an eye out. I’m going to be spreading a little book-themed sneaky stitching. 🙂


  1. jet
    June 3, 2012

    ha, ha, this is a funny creepy story, i love it, it’s making me smile
    thanks for the sharing, well done!!!XD

  2. Tess
    June 3, 2012

    The colonies send congratulations to little knitted Liz (and her corgis) on her jubilee. Huzzah!

  3. Caroline
    June 4, 2012

    Lovely pictures! Hope you’ve got a brolly, Liz!

    • Deadly Knitshade
      June 11, 2012

      Thanks! The tiny knitted Queen uses a leaf instead of a brolly. It’s biodegradable. 🙂

  4. Ellen
    June 2, 2013

    loving your patterns but cannot find how to make a courgi