Whodunnknit patterns have been released into the wild!
Wanna knit one?

Whodunnknit is the home of Deadly Knitshade’s kooky little knits. Whodunnknits are created to make you squeeeeeeeeee and to make you think about knitting differently.

You are the artist, your needles are your paintbrush and your yarn is your paint. Get out there and make the world your canvas. Go on.

Warning: Whodunnknits have been known to come alive and stomp about people’s yarn stashes after dark. Make sure you keep an eye on them.

Free knitting patterns

Toerag the Tube Mouse

Feisty Fluttering Heart

Pawprint Blanket

Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat

Stanley the Amazing Knitting Cat Hat

Little Knitted Polar Pug

Little Knitted Jampire

Stitched Sea Monkey

Scream Queen

Basic Blank Beanie

BBC Scarfgate Scarf of Doom

Smitten Spotspot Valentine’s Heart

Blinkin’ Bookworm

The Queen’s Corgis

Captain Cat Battler

Floating Flutterguy

Bloomin’ Bluebell

Benet’s Magic Thief Lockpick Scarf

Simple Square Hat


  1. anita
    April 11, 2015

    wicked x

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  3. Geraldine Kemp
    February 17, 2018

    Just bought the book stitch London says to go to knitthepgeon for pattern of corgis but cannot see pattern ?


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