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Kooky Little Knitting Patterns

Whodunnknit patterns have been released into the wild!
Wanna knit one?

Whodunnknit is the home of Deadly Knitshade’s kooky little knits. Whodunnknits are created to make you squeeeeeeeeee and to make you think about knitting differently.

You are the artist, your needles are your paintbrush and your yarn is your paint. Get out there and make the world your canvas. Go on.

Warning: Whodunnknits have been known to come alive and stomp about people’s yarn stashes after dark. Make sure you keep an eye on them.


Finger-fighting Stitched Squid

Created for Stitch London’s Stitch a Squid event at the world-famous Natural History Museum, this easy peasy pattern takes you from square to squid quicker than a jellyfish sliding across the wet deck of a pirate ship.

The Stitched Squid (squidius knittius) seems a simple creature but watch out for his finger wrestling ways. Ye have been warned, ye scurvy sea dogs…

Price: £2.00               


Stitched Self Blank Body

A ‘blank body’ knitting pattern, originally written as part of Stitch London’s 2010 Stitch Yourself project with the Science Museum.

Each person was invited to contribute a tiny Stitched Self and make scientific stitching history. The pattern also gives tips on how to customise your finished knit.

Price: £2.99       

The Killing Handbook knits - Little Knitted Sarah Lund

Little Knitted Sarah Lund

Little Knitted Sarah Lund featured in Emma’s Kennedy’s The Killing Handbook, published by Orion, all about stabby Scandinavian drama The Killing (Forbrydelsen for those who speak Danish out there) also featuring a pattern for the Little Knitted Killer.

The original Knitted Sarah hangs from Killing actress Sofie Gråbøl’s rearview mirror, keeping an eye on crime while Sofie is on the move. Stitch your own little Sarah in her knitted Killing jumper to keep yourself safe.

Price: £4.75     

Stitched Slake Moth

The humble Slake Moth is possibly one of the most unsettlingly horrifying characters that ever crawled menacingly from the pages of a book. In this case the book is China Mieville‘s Perdido Street Station.

They feed on people’s dreams, they excrete nightmare-making invisible poo, and they leave their victims behind as drooling hunks of human vegetable.

So what would make a more perfect tribute to Mr Mieville’s monsters than to immortalise them in lovely squishy yarn, I ask you?

Price: £2.00  



Manic Mars Martian

This knitting pattern was originally written for Stitch London’s Stitched Science event at London’s Science Museum to teach beginners how to knit without them ending up with another boring square.

On a special expedition these Mars Martians dropped into the Museum to visit and give the nosy humans a taste of their own medicine.

Price: £0.99  

Magic Thief Lockpick Scarf

My first ever published pattern designed for the final book in Sarah Prineas’s Magic Thief Trilogy, The Magic Thief: Found

In the book Conn, the quick-handed pickpocket turned wizard’s apprentice, is given the scarf as a gift by Benet, the knitting, baking bodyguard.

Price: Free


Graffiti Bloomin’ Bluebell

The Bloomin’ Bluebell is a handknitted fibre flower made for the lovely folks at The Woodland Trust.

Plant your Bluebell somewhere it will be seen: at the station on your way to work, by the bus stop, perched by a post box, under an arch, peering at people as they pick up their free papers, or fluttering its petal in a friendly way outside your local shops.Don’t worry about leaving him in the wild. Each Bloomin’ Bluebell is highly trained to survive in a suburban setting. He’ll be just fine.

Price: FREE


Floating Flutterguys

The Floating Flutterguy is a simple creature. He turns from a cocoon of scrap yarn into a beautiful woolly winged wonder in less time than it takes to scream “AGH! Is that a moth!? Get it away from my cashmere!!!”.

Lucky for you (and for your cashmere) the Floating Flutterguy isn’t hungry for your yarn. All he wants is to be set free somewhere in your city.

Price: FREE


Captain Cat-Battler


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn! Me hearties! The notorious Captain Cat-Battler is a veteran of cat vs mouse conflict. Since the dawn of time, rodents and their feline foe have pitted their wits against one another. Captain Cat-Battler is a handmade hero of mousekind, keeping the cats of the world on their furry toes with his cunning and his defiant squeak.

Design especially for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for their Cat Knit Project.

Price: FREE




Blinkin’ Bookworm

Who is responsible for this book-munching mischief? A Blinkin’ Bookworm with a pair of specs on?

To celebrate the release of my two ever-so-shiny books I’m releasing this free Blinkin’ Bookworm pattern into the wild just for you.

Knit him up and leave him somewhere bookish, whether its on your own bookshelf, munching through manuscripts at your local library or nibbling novels at your favourite book shop.

Price: FREE

Toerag the Tube Mouse

This little city critter was first published in my Stitch London book and is a tribute to the tiny mice who skitter about London Underground platform while you wait for your train.

Toerag is a cheeky fellow. He’s desperate for you to drop some of that fast food you’re gobbling on your way home. Do it!

It has since been published for freeeeee on Craft. But if you want to buy the book too I won’t stop you. :)


Price: FREE

Smitten Softspot

Those loved up Smitten Softspots were my contribution to Knit the City’s Hubbub of Hearts, which waltzed its woolly way into London’s very busy Piccadilly Circus in February 2011.

Keep them to love yourself or release them into the wild and spread the woolly love around. DO IT!

Price: FREE



Stitch New York - Scream Queen

Scream Queen

In less time than it takes to wail “AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!” and drop into a dead faint in a wafting white gown you can knit yourself a screaming siren to entice any knitted King Kong, from the pattern in my Stitch New York book, into climbing up the most unscalable sky scraper and swatting away at passing planes while clutching her in his woolly fist. It was knitted beauty that killed the beast, after all.


Price: FREE

whodunnknit knitting pattern corgi queen london 

 The Queen’s Corgis

The Queen’s corgis are an extra free pattern showcased in the Stitch London book to go with Little Londoner The Queen pattern.

The corgis are teeny tiny and you can fit at least three in the palm of your hand. Don’t lose any down the back of the sofa. The whining will be heartbreaking.

Find out more about the Stitch London book.





Please note: All profits from Whodunnknit patterns go towards keeping Stitch London stomping and running meetings, teaching and events for free. Cool, eh?