How to be a handmade hero: Part 3.1 – Kids, goats, bad jokes and home gardens

You might remember that back in November Save the Children sent me and three of my fellow Crafty Avengers to Indonesia. It was all part of the #imapiece Craftivist Jigsaw Project (which you can still join in!).

My mission was to report back to you good crafty folks on the work they are doing to fight hunger, and how our voices calling for aid here can make a big difference over there.

I finally got around to putting all the films together so stand by for How to be a Handmade Hero: Part Three – Kids, goats, bad jokes and home gardens. Featuring some very cute kiddies, a bit of dancing, a naked coffee bean and an interview with a goat.

There are three more parts left in the series and there’s a playlist of the whole How to Be a Handmade Hero series here, so be a love and stick with me to watch them and join in to make your jigsaw piece. It’s up to us to raise our crafty voices and get the people at the top to end world hunger. I’m most certainly a piece of the solution. The deadline is February 21st. Join us!

Read all about the project and why you should take part at: Being a piece of the Craftivist Jigsaw: how craft can help change the world for the better

Or grab a cuppa and watch:

How to be a Handmade Hero: Part 1 – A girl, a mouse, a jigsaw piece and a whole lot of optimism

How to be a Handmade Hero Part 2: No sleep till Beneh Meriah

Want to join the #imapiece project. Here’s everything you need to do it: