Monster ArtBox Update Day 3: Please look after this monster

Muncher the BT ArtBox monster has been on the streets of London for four days now. The longest one of my large projects has braved the outdoors. Ulp!

He’s been rained on a fair few times, but Muncher and I aren’t afraid of a bit of water. He’s made from nearly 100 balls of acrylic yarn and they’ve been fireproofed and waterproofed. Under his skin there is over 50 metres of Velcro and the gunk of dozens of glue sticks to hold him together so he’s been anti-sagged too. And he’s been hand sewn together ever so carefully by little old me for hours and hours and hours.

I spent two solid weeks with a darning needle either in my hand or sticking out of my mouth.

Lauren O'Farrell makes her BT ArtBox

Sewing. Sewing. Sewing. Zzzzz...

But what Muncher and I really worry about is that folks won’t feel the woolly love. Or that they’ll feel it a bit too much and end up mauling a monster. Oh dear.

Well, a life lived in fear is a life half lived. So after screwing up our crafty courage Muncher and I left the security of the ArtBox launch event in Trafalgar Square to find his 40-day place not far away on the Trafalgar Square Roundabout. He travelled in style. By forklift truck no less.

Whodunnknit Pix: Ever seen a giant yellow knitted telephone box stare out a forklift driver? Now you have. @btartbox #btartbox

Muncher faces the forklift driver in the ultimate stare out contest

And so I left him to it. Safely bolted in with my name on him in case someone wondered.

BT Artbox Repair 1 - Wheeee!

Monster information for the curious

Well, I almost left him to it. London has spy pigeons everywhere. But there’s only so long you can stay awake to watch the BBC’s traffic cam. (You can watch Muncher on the traffic cam too when it’s zoomed out if you’re up for some ‘heart in your mouth’ TV or see him on occasionally on this Trafalgar Square live stream)

BT Artbox Repair 1 - Monster  Cam

All quiet on the monster front

I’m sad to report that one London lurker couldn’t be trusted. I guess the monster love overwhelmed them. On Saturday night, two days after Muncher’s release into the wild, I was called to bring him crafty first aid. This is what I saw when I arrived on Sunday morning. Sigh.

Whodunnknit Pix: Monster @btartbox update: Muncher is all fixed. Some loon had pulled a chunk from his skinny arm. #btartbox

Muncher is disarmed

But the great thing about Muncher is that he’s fluffy, feisty and easy to fix. London looked on as my monster got some much needed first aid. Passers by were very curious and also very cross at Muncher’s arm puller. They watched concerned as I sewed his appendage back together.

BT Artbox Repair 1 - arm fixing

The performance art of handmade monster repair

 After a bit of a chat, Muncher and I decided that perhaps people aren’t sure why on earth a giant woolly yellow monster has descended on the Square. So Muncher asked that I conjure up a sign in the style of Paddington Bear. Some sewing and sewing and sewing and several Marmite sandwiches later (we’re not fans of marmalade) and it was done.

BT Artbox Repair 1 - It's a sign

It's a sign! A sign, I tell you!

And here is what we said to London:

Whodunnknit Pix: My knitted monster @btartbox now has sign asking London to take care of him. Like Paddington Bear. #btartbox @nspcc

Please look after this monster

“Dear London

Please look after this monster. He is here to celebrate 25 years of the NSPCC’s Childline Charity.

Deadly Knitshade xx”

BT Artbox Repair 1 - Muncher lives again
Ready to rock

And so Muncher prepares to party on the roundabout with random people for the another 37 days. He await London hugs, strokings, smiles, camera snaps, and any amusing tales you have to tell him. He has four secret friends about his person so he’s not going to be lonely (I’ll leave it up to you to find all four for now).

Will London love a woolly monster in the wild? Will Muncher live to strut his stitched stuff at the Childline auction next month? Only time will tell.

Please look after this monster, London. After al he’s the only giant handmade telephone box monster you have.


  1. Charlotte
    June 19, 2012

    Gorgeous bit of graffiti. Keeping with the telephone box theme, if they want craft handouts at the auction event, you or Artbox might want to ask Bernat and/or Entropy if these free patterns can either be given out or the links to them.
    Dr Who’s Police Box knit – pattern at with photos at—knitted/
    Police Box scarf knit – pattern and photos at
    Plastic Canvas Robot Coin Bank on

    • Deadly Knitshade
      June 22, 2012

      Not sure it’s that kind of auction as it’s Sotherby’s and they don’t really do freebie handouts of things. But nice idea. I have a phonebox pattern in my book too! 🙂

  2. jet
    June 19, 2012

    if i lived in Londen i would take care of him;-D
    he, s sooo great and cool, awesome the tag you ‘ve left on him, that will help!
    I’m knitting bombing with a group for pink saturday in Haarlem, the netherlands.
    so i know those strange comments and the right ones.
    but if people reads why he is made it will help, great idea of you!!!