New York Squids in the City: Tentacles at the Top of the Rock

Noo Yoik. A city of late-night hotdogs, steaming manhole covers and skyscrapers that go on forever. I arrived in the city that appears to not know what sleep is not too long ago. Little did I know I had stowaways. Cephalopod stowaways with plans to take over the city.

I spotted one ten tentacled terror at the top of the Rockefeller Center, 70 floors above New York City with 360 degrees of city sprawl around it…

The green green carpet of Central Park

The stately Empire State

…and by then it was too late to do anything about it. His campaign of world domination had begun.

"Puny human sushi! It is I, Pinky Pitfall, an emissary from your squid overlords!"

Although to be fair he didn’t look too comfortable with being 260m (850 feet) above sea level.

"Hear me and fear me, foolish human subjects!"

He was holding on pretty damned tight. And his voice, though threatening, was kind of squeaky. I’m not convinced that the people were really hearing him.

"Bow to your mollusc monarchs! BOW I SAY!"

I’m not sure we have too much to worry about.

But I promise to keep an eye out for any other squid stowaways. Apologies in advance, New York, for bringing the ten tentacled terror. I really should have checked by bags more thoroughly before I got on the plane.

Who knows what will happen now…?

"Are you leaving? Hello? Hellooooooooo?"

4 thoughts on “New York Squids in the City: Tentacles at the Top of the Rock

  1. Queen Laureen

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Soon Noo Yoik will be a distant memory…Cephalopod City is the new dawn! Enjoy…and don’t eat too many of those late night dogs…!