Purl Interrupted

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“If the rhino runs, we must run in a zig zag or climb a tree.”

We shuffled our feet nervously in the leaves on the jungle floor.

“If we see a bear then do not run. You run, bear run faster. Do not climb. You climb, bear climb. If bear come we stand in a group and we make noise. Stick,” our guide waves his thick face-high walking stick, “is for bear.”

“If we see tiger we are quiet and meet him eye to eye. Do not run.”

Extract from Chitwan National Park: “If we see a tiger, we are quiet and meet him eye to eye.’

Knitting Queen of the Desert

Purl Interrupted is the travel journal written by whoever I was before I became Deadly Knitshade. My camera and I spent September to December 2008 travelling in India and Nepal with “two sticks, string and a backpack”,  joined by three manly companions (I was the only girl).

It was one of the most fantabulous periods of my life so far. Witness epic train journeys, dances with angry cows, ancient ruins, jaw-dropping views, cockroach nightmares, near-death rickshaw rides, the Taj Mahal (at long last), unexpected knittings, ghastly toilet facilities and a whole lot of monkeys.

You can read it all here by clicking the arrows on the images below (you can click the magnifying glasses for sneak peek at picture) or jump to the Purl Interrupted category.

Best take along some peanuts for the monkeys.


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