Stitch New York is released into the wild

Start spreading the newssssss, it’s published todayyyyy, you can knit cool things out of it, STITCH NEW YORK, STITCH NEW YOOOOOOOOORK!

Yes, my lovely internet stalkers, Stitch New York is unexpectedly alive! Guffawing in the face of the January 2013 release date, Stitch New York actually hit the shops last week! Woo hoo!

So here’s a little more about my fantabulous new book and what you can make. I’m so excited I may explode in a cloud of giant knitted hot dogs…

Stitch New York gang

The Stitch New York gang's all here!

What can you make? Sooooo many knitty bits of the city that never stops knitting that there is no way I can fit it all in here! I’ll be introducing you to Stitch New York’s city knits over the next few months. There’s everything from the Squishy Empire State, to Little Lady Liberty, to sewer alligators, alley cats, firefighters, beanies based on marvellous movies, tiny cheeky cocktails charms, HUGE fluffy fast food and even a bit of guerrilla gardening meets graffiti knitting. Phew.

So to start off here’s a sneak peek at the king and queen of Noo Yoik. I’ll tell their full stories later but let’s just say hi.

Ladies and gents, may I introduce you to Handmade Holly Golightly and Woolly Woody Allen, stars of Stitch New York’s ‘Knit New Yorkers‘ section which opens the book.

Woolly Woody Allen and Handmade Holly Golightly

Handmade Holly had snagged herself another questionable fiancé...

Handmade Holly Golightly has wandered straight from her silver screen appearance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the pages of Stitch New York. She thinks the book is “Marvellous darling!”. She comes with bling (not the real deal, of course, she just can’t afford it) and a seriously sweet teeny tiny French Twist updo!

More on the story of Handmade Holly very soon but here she is to say “Oh, hi!”.

Handmade Holly Golightly - Tiffany

"I'm just CRAZY about Tiffany's!"

Handmade Holly Golightly - French twist

Handmade updo. Seriously stylish tiny hair.

No New York book is complete without the man who tells New York tales best of all. A bit of knitted neurosis comes courtesy of Woolly Woody Allen. He’s bespectacled, he’s got mother issues and he’s made of yarn. 

Woolly Woody Allen - front

"My analyst is going to have a field day with this one."

Woolly Woody Allen - back

"Am I losing hair? Don't tell me."

And for getting around? How about a Small Yellow Taxi that actually rolls! It’ll get you anywhere in a New York minute! Seriously the Small Yellow Taxi has handmade wheels and axles that mean you can push him along.

Follow that tiny woollen car with button wheels!

Small Yellow Taxi


Stitch New York is out in the wild right now. Check your local bookshops, head to your favourite online stores (here it is on Amazon UK where it would be lovely if you ‘liked’ or reviewed the book if you love it) or beg for it for Christmas.

And there’s a small pile of copies signed by me, and the infamous Scuttle the Cockroach, in my local book shop The Bookseller Crow on the Hill, Crystal Palace right now. Go grab them!

Whodunnknit Pix: Hey you! There are signed copies of Stitch New York @booksellercrow. Get them while they're hot! #crystalpalace #mybooksinthewild

Signed copies! Squeeeeeee!

Whodunnknit Pix: Scuttle the cockroach and I just signed a pile of Stitch New York books @booksellercrow, Crystal Palace. :) #stitchny

Scuttle the cockroach has a very neat signature for a bug

I’ll be revealing more pattern picture sneak peeks over on my Ravelry designer page and they’ll be popping up all over Twitter and Instagram @deadlyknitshade and on my Whodunnknit page on Facebook.

So prepare yourself into a journey through the knitty Big Apple. This is going to be fun! Hey, I’m walking here! Sheesh!

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  1. Laureen
    December 14, 2012

    IF you explode in a cloud of giant knitted hotdogs, please have someone take pictures…that would be a hoot! Best of luck to you & the newest publication!! Shall totter off to the U.S. version of Amazon to find it….! xoxo