Knitting pattern: The Killing – Little Knitted Sarah Lund

The Killing Handbook knits - Little Knitted Sarah LundLittle Knitted Sarah Lund, is a handmade version of the hardworking, jumper-wearing, tenacious detective lady from stabby Scandinavian TV drama The Killing (Forbrydelsen for those who speak Danish out there). She’s made from yarn but that doesn’t mean she’s soft and squishy, oh no. She’ll unravel the mystery of the murder even if it means no sleep for a week and wearing ‘that Killing jumper’ the whole time, and she won’t move to Sweden until she does.

Download the Little Knitted Sarah Lund knitting pattern

Little Knitted Sarah is featured in Emma’s Kennedy’s The Killing Handbook, published by Orion, and featuring a pattern for the Little Knitted Killer too. The original Knitted Sarah hangs from Killing actress Sofie Gråbøl’s rearview mirror, keeping an eye on crime while Sofie is on the move. Stitch your own little Sarah to keep yourself safe.

The Killing Handbook knits - Little Knitted Sarah Lund

Little Knitted Sarah Lund eyes you suspiciously

The Killing Handbook knits - Little Knitted Sarah Lund back

Hair tied back when she means business. Which is all the time.

The Killing Handbook knits - Little Knitted Sarah Lund uncrossed

Little Knitted Sarah Lund rocks a tiny version of 'that jumper'

The book also features a pattern for a Little Knitted Killer. He looks awfully suspicious to me…

The Killing Handbook knits - Discovery


The Killing Handbook knits - a monster calls

A monster calls

To help promote the book I made a set of exclusive Little Knitted Sarah Lund’s in shiny Whodunnknit boxes. Wheeeeee! They have been sent out into the wilds. I have no idea where they ended up but I heard tell that staff at Orion fell a little bit in love with them.

The Killing Handbook knits - boxed

Little Knitted Sarah climbs into her slightly coffin-like box...

The Grobel gang's all here

The Grobel gang's all here

The Killing Handbook knits - Killing boxes

Pretty patterned boxes all in a row

Check out The Killing Handbook for an extra pattern for the Little Knitted Killer, a Strawberries and Crime Killing Jumper pattern created by Kathy Calmejane and a few other crafty creations including a Fair Isle torch cover and gun cosy.

The Killing Handbook knits - Little Knitted Sarah Lund and Cooey

Cooey the Pigeon: stitched suspect or innocent pigeon by-stander?

Download the Little Knitted Sarah Lund knitting pattern

Huge woolly hugs to the fabulous Emma Kennedy for asking me to be a crafty part of stabby Danish crime. And similar woolly hugs to Scarlett (Teen Granny) for suggesting me for the purly pattern.

Read all about the crafty Killing Handbook makes in The Telegraph’s article The Killing: Jumpers to die for, which kindly says:

“My favourite is the Lund doll by Lauren O’Farrell ( Six inches high, with a brown ponytail and that jumper. Gråbøl loves it so much that it hangs from the rear-view mirror in her car.”

Errata: Eep! It’s just been pointed out to me that the pattern chart is missing from the book!

I’ve uploaded it here for reference. Curses! Here ya go!

Pattern chart for Little Knitted Sarah Lund’s jumper:




  1. Rubyrose
    November 26, 2012

    Hi there just been wirking this pattern from the book and noticed a problem, can’t seem to find the chart or the black stitches anywhere. Is there a way I can access this without having to buy the pattern again from ravelry?

    • Deadly Knitshade
      November 26, 2012

      Eep! Thanks for letting me know! I have uploaded the chart to the end of this post. I’ll see what I can do about getting it put into the reprint… 🙂