Stitched Street Art Salute at Tate Britain

Stitched Street Art Salute at Tate Britain

Then Tate Britain invited me to graffiti knit at their Tate Late event. What better way to honour my street art heroes than to shove them stitchwise into one of London’s most well-respected art museums? And so my Stitched Street Art Salute was cast on.

Manic Mars Martians Knitting Pattern

The life of a Manic Mars Martian is exhausting. They spend their days crazily rushing about making Mars Marmalade from mysterious Mars Mandarins for their tea and zipping behind rocks to hide from the prying eyes of nosy human telescopes spying for signs of life on Mars. The Martians are quite happy being left to […]

Stitched Solar System Insanity

For some reason back at the start of the year I promised London’s Science Museum that I would make them a handmade Stitched Solar System (and added that it would be the biggest in the world). Famous last words and a surefire path to RSI. With the help of some hard-knitting Stitch Londoners (to be […]