Whole lotta mouse-making going on

Whole lotta mouse-making going on

Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be more mice to knit they keep multiplying. A family of six mice can turn into about 60 mice within 6 months, and it seems my mouse patterns are just the same. Here’s a peek at more of my mouse patterns…

Free Chrismouse Pattern: Toerag the Tube Mouse from Stitch London

Free Chrismouse Pattern: Toerag the Tube Mouse from Stitch London

I’ve teamed up with the fantabulous folks at Craft to release one of the patterns from the shiny Stitch London book into the wild.

You’ll have to keep quiet or I’m not sure he’ll come out. Ready? Shhhh. Meet Toerag the Tube Mouse…

Plucky the Protest Mouse vs The Fat Cats

Plucky the Protest Mouse vs The Fat Cats

Sometimes you have to make a stand. Even when you’re less than 10cm tall and a handknitted mouse. Maybe especially when you’re 10cm tall and a handknitted mouse. You may only be one teeny tiny squeak but maybe if you squeak up when things are unjust then someone will hear you and stand with you. […]

Free pattern: Captain Cat-Battler the Scurvy Catnip Mouse

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn! Me hearties! The notorious Captain Cat-Battler is a veteran of cat vs mouse conflict. Since the dawn of time, rodents and their feline foe have pitted their wits against one another. Captain Cat-Battler is a handmade hero of mousekind, keeping the cats of the world on their furry toes with his cunning and his […]

Single White Mouse King WLTM Ballerina

“Right you ‘orrible lot! This ‘ere is an important day fer ‘is Royal Rodent ‘ighness (me). I’m going to find me a young lady to woo and you scummy little soldiers are gonna ‘elp. As you can see I’ve dressed meself in me finest royal outfit. This ‘ere is me Royal Crown ‘anded down to […]

Attack of the Tubeline Trolls

It has been a long time since I fell asleep on the London Underground and fought the dreaded Tube Sanitiser for my life, only managing to escape due to the tiny fluffballs of fearlessness that are the London tube mice. When I do return to the underground I keep my eyes open and my double-pointed […]

The Ghostmouse’s Story: a tiny tale of sinister skelemouse shivers

It is fair to say that small and fluffy parts of my soul went into the Web of Woe. Standing before it’s beast-trapped span of stitching and spiderness a mix of pride, horror and panic at leaving it behind washed over me. We all suffer moments of graffiti knitting mourning, when the lamp post you […]

A Mouse’s Tale or My Part in the Web of Woe

Lately Deadly Knitshade has been dreaming of spiders. Huge hairy ones with fangs and an evil glint in their many eyes. Spiders and I have come to an agreement. If I don’t harm them, then they won’t crawl into my ears at night and lay eggs so their babies can eat my brains. Fair enough. […]