defined by

For some reason beyond my understanding, in early July 2011, I was one of six artists chosen by Lab Binaer (a frighteningly talented a group of designers and multimedia artists) to live in Augsburg, Germany for a week and define the city with my ‘art’. All of this was to be done working mainly in a giant glass fish tank in the middle of the city.

defined by totally changed the way I looked at what I did with my stitched street art. It was by turns awe inspiring, terrifying, hilarious, enchanting, uncomfortable, challenging, far too much fun, and utterly magical. It swallowed me whole as a nervous sneaky stitcher, chewing me up as a sleep deprived White Paper maker, and spat me out as an artist (something I wasn’t convinced I was when I first arrived) with an overwhelming desire to graffiti knit the world.

You can stalk me on my defined by journey by reading the blog posts below. A good start is watching lab binaer’s video about the project. That’s me with the purple hair.


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