Free pattern: The Smitten Softspot handmade heart

Free pattern: The Smitten Softspot handmade heart

A free knitting pattern for a squishy stitched handmade heart for Valentine’s Day, plus terrible renditions of classic love songs and some awfully dreamy knitted Gods in the nip. Awwwwwwwwww yeah!

Stitched Street Art Salute at Tate Britain

Stitched Street Art Salute at Tate Britain

Then Tate Britain invited me to graffiti knit at their Tate Late event. What better way to honour my street art heroes than to shove them stitchwise into one of London’s most well-respected art museums? And so my Stitched Street Art Salute was cast on.

The stitching of Squidius Knittius

The humble Stitched Squid (squidius knittius). This tiny tentacled terror appeared on my knitting needles one lazy Sunday and introduced himself by immediately challenging me to a wrestling match. How I laughed in his tiny face at the time. I realise now my terrible mistake. Too late. I may have created him for Stitch London’s […]

Shiny happy Slender Snipe Eel

Returning to my sneaky stitching roots I found myself and my trusty camera amongst the bones and the beasts of London’s Natural History Museum hunting stitched sealife in its historic hallways. I was wholly responsible for bringing to life an achingly smiley Slender Snipe Eel. I have rarely felt so proud. For the full story […]

Single White Mouse King WLTM Ballerina

“Right you ‘orrible lot! This ‘ere is an important day fer ‘is Royal Rodent ‘ighness (me). I’m going to find me a young lady to woo and you scummy little soldiers are gonna ‘elp. As you can see I’ve dressed meself in me finest royal outfit. This ‘ere is me Royal Crown ‘anded down to […]

Attack of the Tubeline Trolls

It has been a long time since I fell asleep on the London Underground and fought the dreaded Tube Sanitiser for my life, only managing to escape due to the tiny fluffballs of fearlessness that are the London tube mice. When I do return to the underground I keep my eyes open and my double-pointed […]

Flying Fruits of Justice for the Bells of Old Bailey

One very old church + a London nursery rhyme about bells, fruit and debt collecting + some yarn + a handful of beady eyes + a hoard of crafty treasure bits + my brains = The Flying Fruits of Justice. Knit the City took on the Oranges and Lemons Odyssey with a six-pronged attack. Six […]

The Ghostmouse’s Story: a tiny tale of sinister skelemouse shivers

It is fair to say that small and fluffy parts of my soul went into the Web of Woe. Standing before it’s beast-trapped span of stitching and spiderness a mix of pride, horror and panic at leaving it behind washed over me. We all suffer moments of graffiti knitting mourning, when the lamp post you […]

A Mouse’s Tale or My Part in the Web of Woe

Lately Deadly Knitshade has been dreaming of spiders. Huge hairy ones with fangs and an evil glint in their many eyes. Spiders and I have come to an agreement. If I don’t harm them, then they won’t crawl into my ears at night and lay eggs so their babies can eat my brains. Fair enough. […]

Knitblast the Eighth: the melancholy tale of a crochet flower

The Stitch and Bitch London Knit Crawl for Worldwide Knit in Public Day. Four iconic London sights. Four chances to knitblast four iconic London sights. Stop two. The cool echoey artiness of the Tate Modern Turbine Hall. Deadly Knitshade: I need to crochet a flower. Bluestocking Stitcher: Ok. Deadly Knitshade: I have no idea how […]