The Ghostmouse’s Story: a tiny tale of sinister skelemouse shivers

It is fair to say that small and fluffy parts of my soul went into the Web of Woe. Standing before it’s beast-trapped span of stitching and spiderness a mix of pride, horror and panic at leaving it behind washed over me. We all suffer moments of graffiti knitting mourning, when the lamp post you […]

A Mouse’s Tale or My Part in the Web of Woe

Lately Deadly Knitshade has been dreaming of spiders. Huge hairy ones with fangs and an evil glint in their many eyes. Spiders and I have come to an agreement. If I don’t harm them, then they won’t crawl into my ears at night and lay eggs so their babies can eat my brains. Fair enough. […]

Knitblast the Ninth: Pink Furry Knitting learns about trust and pigeons

The Stitch and Bitch London Knit Crawl for Worldwide Knit in Public Day. Four iconic London sights. Four chances to knitblast four iconic London sights. Stop Three. The London Eye and the Millenium Bridge. Pink Furry Knitting: So we’re going sightseeing, eh? Yay! How exciting! In Central London, you say? Deadly Knitshade: Yup. Central London. […]