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White Paper Three: Squid’s Eye View

Posted by on 14 Jul, 2011 in Beasts, Birds and Creatures, defined by _____, Germany, My Graffiti Knitting, My Knits, Plarchie the Giant Squid, Squid, Travel | 2 comments

White Paper Three: Squid’s Eye View

It might not seem as tough as building skyscrapers, gutting fish or working in a coal mine but being dropped into the middle of a strange city to make original art every day was quite a scary thing. Here’s why: Every day our art went up on the wall of the City of Peace Stadium in the centre of the city. There is was peered at by passers by who either lived in or were visiting the city. I felt very much that each White Paper I made needed to show the people peering at it that I was doing...

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