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Knitblast the Third: Knit at the movies

Posted by on 11 Jun, 2009 in My Graffiti Knitting, My Knits, Simple Sock Yarnstorms, Solo Graffiti | 3 comments

Knitblast the Third: Knit at the movies

The interior of the Haymarket Odeon smells like all cinemas should. Stale popcorn and musty upholstery. The seats flip back comfortingly when you stand up to take off your coat. You end up forced to do a juggling dance on one leg as you fight to not spill your drink or lose your precious popcorn while trying to force the seat down with the tip of one toe. Handing said popcorn to a friend can cause massive rifts in friendships if spillage is involved on their part. I prefer to keep mine in my...

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