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Knitblast the Tenth: here be Lions

Posted by on 24 Jul, 2009 in My Graffiti Knitting, My Knits, Simple Sock Yarnstorms, Solo Graffiti | 5 comments

Knitblast the Tenth: here be Lions

The Stitch and Bitch London Knit Crawl for Worldwide Knit in Public Day. Four iconic London sights. Four chances to knitblast four iconic London sights. Stop four. The final stop. Trafalgar Square under the watchful gaze of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson and his four lions. South-East Lion: Gawd blimey I wish these bleedin’ tourists would stop clambering about on me ‘ead. I sit ‘ere all day guardin’ the Vice Admiral and what thanks do I get, ay? Day in, day aht...

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