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Knitblast the First: return to the Whale Room

Posted by on 28 May, 2009 in Beasts, Birds and Creatures, Museums, My Graffiti Knitting, My Knits, Simple Sock Yarnstorms, Solo Graffiti | 2 comments

Knitblast the First: return to the Whale Room

The city’s Natural History Museum is a place of dinosaur bones, shadows, and soft historic murmurings in galleries lined with the glassy stares of animals stuffed before filling an endangered animal full of sawdust was frowned upon. I can often be found losing myself in its mosaic-floored hallways, shuffling along galleries of ancient undersea skeletons, or watching the soldier ants protect the queen in the insect room, but there is one room in these hallowed beast-full halls that stops...

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