London: Graffiti knitting confessional

Still in London. It seems that despite all my best intentions to get in, get out, and get back on the road, I am going to be in London for a bit longer than I planned. The apes, the tigers, the Great Wall, and Grand Canyon will have to wait a bit longer. So despite […]

Knitblast the Sixth: On yer bike, you filthy yarnstormer

Elderly lady sitting opposite me on the bus watches me for about ten minutes. I’m sitting and knitting on public transport, which tends to get stares. Eventually I slide my headphones off my ears and meet her ‘I’ve been knitting since before you were born, you’re not holding your yarn properly, what kind of needles […]

Knitblast the Fifth: I just purled to say…

There are places in the world where no one likes to be. Hospital is one of those places. Hospital smells of disinfectant, overcooked vegetables and fear that you can’t speak of until you get home and blurt it out over a nice cup of tea and a decent slice of had-a-bad-day cake. St Bartholomew‘s, sitting […]

Knitblast the Third: Knit at the movies

The interior of the Haymarket Odeon smells like all cinemas should. Stale popcorn and musty upholstery. The seats flip back comfortingly when you stand up to take off your coat. You end up forced to do a juggling dance on one leg as you fight to not spill your drink or lose your precious popcorn […]

Knitblast the Second: love and the scent of cat shampoo at Covent Garden

Knitblast the Second: love and the scent of cat shampoo at Covent Garden

The ebb and flow of bumbagged tourists that is Covent Garden. They stand in their socks and sandals in the rare afternoon sunshine and clink shiny pound coins into the hats of wide-mouthed mimes and Pop-eye armed jugglers. They scurry about the maze of shops that smell like mangoes, or pasties, or lavender. They stumble […]

Knitblast the First: return to the Whale Room

The city’s Natural History Museum is a place of dinosaur bones, shadows, and soft historic murmurings in galleries lined with the glassy stares of animals stuffed before filling an endangered animal full of sawdust was frowned upon. I can often be found losing myself in its mosaic-floored hallways, shuffling along galleries of ancient undersea skeletons, […]

London: Surprise invasion of the Snow People

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Cold and very grumpy trains refuse to leave their grit-platformed stations. Colder and grumpier commuters stand around Underground entrances muttering, but secretly happy to ‘work from home’. Little old ladies grudgingly turn up the thermostat and peer in horror at pavements that promise hip replacements. Double decker buses slide gracefully into turns. The Grenadier guards […]

London: I bet I’ve forgotten something…

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London: I bet I’ve forgotten something…

Yes, I will be travelling. Yes, I am taking six pairs of knitting needles and more sock yarn than is healthy, and ok, I am a bit confused as to why too.