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Free pattern: Floating Flutterguys

Posted by on 20 May, 2011 in Beasts, Birds and Creatures, Knitting Patterns, My Knits, Random Knits | 5 comments

Free pattern: Floating Flutterguys

The Floating Flutterguy is a simple creature. He turns from a cocoon of scrap yarn into a beautiful woolly winged wonder in less time than it takes to scream “AGH! Is that a moth!? Get it away from my cashmere!!!”. Lucky for you (and for your cashmere) the Floating Flutterguy isn’t hungry for your yarn. All he wants is to be set free somewhere in your city. I hatched the Floating Flutterguy specially for Stitch London’s annual Stitch Crawl 2011 which happens to fall on...

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