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Meet Plarchie: the giant plastic knitted squid

Posted by on 11 Feb, 2011 in Beasts, Birds and Creatures, Museums, My Graffiti Knitting, My Knits, Plarchie the Giant Squid, Solo Graffiti, Squid | 38 comments

Meet Plarchie: the giant plastic knitted squid

The arrival of Plarchie, the 8-metre giant knitted squid made entirely from plastic bags, came as something of a shock to me. One minute I was wandering the echoey rooms of London’s Natural History Museum pondering what knits might spring from my needles. The next thing I knew I was half-awake buried in a pile of crumpled plarn ends with my needles smoking in my clawlike hands. I had no idea what I’d been up to for the last three days of my life. And then a cephalopods-shaped...

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