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London: Pandora the pretty in pork piglet

Posted by on 28 Jun, 2009 in Animals, Beasts, Birds and Creatures, Knitting, London, My Knits, Once in a Lifetime Stuff, Random Knits | 20 comments

London: Pandora the pretty in pork piglet

Who can resist the smell of frying bacon wafting up the stairs and into your sleep on a sunday morning? Well, probably not me. I have to say, however, that I ever since meeting Pickles the tiny porker back in January I’ve felt a little guilty for snacking on the flesh of her sweet and sour bretheren. Eating something you once knit a jumper for takes a guilt mastery that I have become shamefully skilled at. Nowadays I munch bacon butties without a thought for my porcine pal. Until...

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