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Single White Mouse King WLTM Ballerina

Posted by on 5 Mar, 2010 in Beasts, Birds and Creatures, My Graffiti Knitting, My Knits, With Knit the City | 6 comments

Single White Mouse King WLTM Ballerina

“Right you ‘orrible lot! This ‘ere is an important day fer ‘is Royal Rodent ‘ighness (me). I’m going to find me a young lady to woo and you scummy little soldiers are gonna ‘elp. As you can see I’ve dressed meself in me finest royal outfit. This ‘ere is me Royal Crown ‘anded down to me be me father, King Longpointyfurryface the Seventh. This ‘ere is me Royal Trident wot ‘e once used to poke out the evil eye of the fearsome...

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