Stitch London is a woolly radioactive Godzilla of a stitching community with plans for world domination.

Stitch London does many things for free:

  • Free Stitch Up meetings in Central London every single week
  • Free Stitch London newsletters with patterns, competitions, news
  • Free events at some of London’s most memorable places (past venues include the bone-filled Natural History Museum, the shiny Science Museum, Prince Charles’ Garden Party and a night with Nintendo)
  • Free exhibitions our members can take part it
  • Free Stitch Crawls every year on Worldwide Knit in Public Day
  • Free knitting lessons monthly at Stitch Up meetings
  • Free commission knitter list membership with our Stitch Squadron
  • Free gin-soaked advice from our woolly Agony Aunt Gertrude Woolsworthy
  • Free cake*

Stitch London also lives online with thousands of followers on Ravelry, Twitter and Facebook.

Stitch London was founded by me and two friends (who went off to live their lives while Stitch was just a ‘Stitch and Bitch’ group), as my cancer-battling distraction.

In October 2009 Stitch London membership tipped the 5000 mark. It came down to choice, my job or the group. No contest. I left my job and plunged into wrangling the woolly Godzilla full time.

Today Stitch London has over 10 000 members in over 50 countries globally. We’re multicraft, welcoming to everyone no matter who you are and we’re a friendly but feisty bunch. We never turn a new stitcher away. We have never stopped offering everything for free.

Despite how it may look Stitch London is run by just little old me, a giant ball of yarn called Gertrude Woolsworthy (and her handy rage counsellor) who serves as our agony aunt, and about 50 voluntary teachers, our lovely Stitch Sages. I organise events, write, design and edit the newsletter, website and blog, and run all our social media. There are rumours that I never sleep.

*I lied about the cake.


  1. Penny
    October 28, 2014

    If you let me join your mailing list and Stitch London group, I will bring home-made cake……!

    • Deadly Knitshade
      December 19, 2014

      Hi there. Sadly Stitch London isn’t running at the moment. Maybe in future though. Save your cake. :)


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