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Plarchie the Squid

Plarchie hangs with his mate Chuck D at the Natural History Museum

Plarchie is my giant handknitted squid. He follows me where ever I go.


• Eating people (he thinks of them hungrily as “puny human sushi”)

• Steampunk

• Threatening other non-human Twitter users


• Calamari recipes

• House music

• People who prevent him from eating them by running away screaming (so tiresome)

Made from: 160 knitted Sainsbury’s carrier bags

Time taken to make: Approx 80 hours (1 series of Dexter, 1 series of 24, two series of Six Feet Under)

Latin name: Squidius Knittius Giganticaus Plasticus

For some reason Plarchie has quite a following, and has had several marriage proposals…

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 Plarchie has had many adventures. I ventured close enough to take some photos…

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