Want to upload a picture of your kooky little knit to Planet Whodunnknit so that the world can see it?

Go ahead.

(Don’t forget to put who you are and where you’re from or you’ll be labelled as a ‘Mystery knitter’. OooOoooOoo!)

                                     [photosmash id=4 no_gallery=true form=std]

Now what do I do? Wait until your image has been checked. Once it has been given the once over by by our hardworking woolly website mice we’ll add it to Planet Whodunnknit. There it can roam free, meet other Whodunnknits and be shown off to the rest of the world. Whee!!!

Planet Whodunnknit image rules:

  1. Images must be knits made from Whodunnknit patterns (either from the books or from online patterns).
  2. Minimum size is 200 pixels wide. Maximum image size is 2MB. If your pic is too big you can resize it here.
  3. By uploading your image you give permission for it to be used on this website.
  4. Your image may be used to show off Whodunnknit patterns on other exciting sites. You will always be credited if they are.
  5. Your image will be moderated before it is made public. If you upload rude or offensive images I’m sending out the winged knitting machete monkeys and they will take you down. Moderation may take a little while so please be patient.

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