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Do you have something to say that can’t be said by sending a message via one-legged manky carrier pigeon? Then say it here and invisible internet messenger mice will carry it to me in their tiny paws. I’ll get the invisible cheese in just in case.

Want to use my images? Please contact me below to ask before you use and images or content from my site. I usually say yes but you must get permission from me first. All images must be credited too.

For press use you’ll need to fill out an image permission form and there may be a charge.

Publicity questions? I’m happy to chat to any media folks who want to get in touch. I’m a busy bunny but I always try to make time. If you want to contact me about something bookish please contact my agent, Carol MacArthur.

Want to commission me or buy a Whodunnknit? I am available for commission work and do occasionally sell limited edition original knitted artworks. These are handmade by me and all come signed and lovingly ensconced in special Whodunnknit packaging. In the past I have done commission work for Nintendo, Tate Britain, exclusive knitwear designers John Smedley, British Telecom, Emma Kennedy‘s Killing Handbook, and London’s Natural History and Science Museums. I have also sold limited edition knitted art to raise money for St Mungos, the NPSCC, Shelter, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, Cancer Research and Comic Relief. Please email me or use the contact for below if you have a hankering for a Whodunnknit of your own.

(Quick note: Limited edition original Whodunnknits are artworks designed and made by hand by me for a living and are priced accordingly. If you’re looking for toys have a look at my patterns page and get a knitter you know to conjure you one.)

Want to email me directly? Throw your words at lauren@whodunnknit.com or use the handy contact form below.

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