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Oooo, look! It’s that Deadly Knitshade from off the internets!

I’m likely to appear all over the place. So I made it easier to stalk me.

If you get too close though my winged knitting machete monkeys will have you.

  • Event: Yarnstorm Bootcamp - Isle of Wight on the 19 October, 2012:



    For the first time ever you can join two of Knit the City’s most hardcore handmade heroes, dastardly Deadly Knitshade and fibre-flinging The Fastener for a weekend of woolly mischief on the wonderful Isle of Wight.

    You’ll arrive a humble handmaker, you’ll go home a certified Graffiti Yarnstormer or die trying (or was that tie-dying?).

    Plarchie in Berlin - Plarchie, Statue 3 and mini Susanne

    Places are open to both knitters and crocheters who already know how to stitch but wish to learn the way of the yarnstorm.

    The Yarnstorm Bootcamp will take place from October 19 to 21 2012 and there's a ton of lovely stuff included. 



    For full details head over to the Knit the City - Yarnstorm Bootcamp website


  • Event: Meet the Monster Maker on the 9 July, 2012:

    There’s been a Monster on the Trafalgar Square roundabout for the last 23 days. He’s survived the raging summer rains, the rough love of celebrating and commiserating football fans, the rainbow rumble of the Pride parade, a march of people dressed as Pandas (honestly!), and the hugs of more passers by than any monster has known before (except maybe Elmo from Seasame Street who appears to be some kind of hug magnet).

    Whodunnknit Pix: Popped by to show Muncher the @BTArtBox my fancy outfit. He's just eaten a policeman apparently. Sorry, London. #btartbox

    Monster Maker and monster. Come meet us!

    Meet the Monster Maker

    Whodunnknit Pix: Dear London, go hug my giant knitted monster @btartbox on Trafalgar Square roundabout till July 16th! RROWRR! #btartboxWondering how Muncher came about and what on earth prompted a graffiti knitter to release the world’s only wild and woolly Phone Box Beast into the gritty city? Got questions about Muncher’s eating habits, his favourite colour, or where he sees himself in five years time (probably eating someone very famous)? Or do you just want to hug him and hug him until you both explode?

    Well, Monday July 9th at 7pm is your chance to meet the Monster Maker and ask anything you like. I’ll be on the Trafalgar Square Roundabout from 7pm, where me and the lovely Mandii Pope (who made the nearby Big Ben Box) will be talking about our crafty creations and fielding any questions you might like to ask.

    Handmade Monster Hug Parade

    I’ll also be taking pics of all folks with Muncher and will be posting the best handmade monster hugs right here on my blog (as well as on Twitter, Instagram and over at the Whodunnknit Facebook page). There’ll also be a set of exclusive Stitch London goodies up for grabs for my favourite Monster Hug of the Day.

    Where is it? The Trafalgar Square Roundabout at the top of Whitehall. You can’t miss it. It’s the one with the big yellow knitted Monster on it! Map here

    Come meet me and Muncher. I’d love to say hello and hopefully Muncher will only eat a few of you. Which is as much as I can promise really.

  • Event: Steampunk meets Stitching on the 9 April, 2012:

    Steampunk Stitch London Knits

    Join me and steampunk scribbler extraordinaire Gail Carriger for an evening of steampunky book signing and giant squid. I'll be there along with Plarchie, Cooey the pigeon (who will be armed with her very own tiny and lethal parasol) and all my other Stitch London knits (including my Mortal Engines steampunk book cosy).

    Grab a copy of Knit the City or Stitch London, or just come and say hello to some city knits.

    Venue: The Gallery at Foyles book shop, Third Floor, Charing Cross Road Map here
    Date: Monday 9th April
    Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    Tickets: Free (reserve by adding the required number to the basket on the Foyles website here) or by emailing events@foyles.co.uk.

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