White Paper Four: Return of the Wild Boar Five

White Paper Four: Return of the Wild Boar Five

By the fifth day in Augsburg the three artists in the White Room seemed to finally be feeling the effects of too little sleep, too much complimentary City of Peace backstage beer, and an overdose of making art. Far from snoozing sweetly back at the defined by apartment though, we flew in the face of […]

White Paper Three: Squid’s Eye View

It might not seem as tough as building skyscrapers, gutting fish or working in a coal mine but being dropped into the middle of a strange city to make original art every day was quite a scary thing. Here’s why: Every day our art went up on the wall of the City of Peace Stadium […]

White Paper Two: Cross Stitch City

Sew. I don’t really sew. The art of brandishing such a tiny needle makes my neck ache just thinking about it. But there is something about a city like Augsburg that beckons different sides of you from the dark places you shoved them and lets them out into the sunshine. In fact I hadn’t been […]

White Paper One: Feline Flower Fest

So I’m dropped into the middle of a strange German city where I know no one and have very little clue what I’m meant to do. All I have in front of me is a sheet of very blank paper and the vague idea that I have to do something with it. And there I […]

Augsburg: You say goodbye, I say hello

Zombielike I made it to the London’s not-so-Londony Stansted Airport this morning just in time to grab a cup of tea and dash to my flight. It was my second attempt to leave for Augsburg this week, having been horribly misled by my tired brain into thinking I was leaving on Saturday (resulting in three […]

German Arty Big Brother: Augsburg here I come

German Arty Big Brother: Augsburg here I come

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving in less than 24 hours… Tomorrow I’m heading off to the city of Augsburg in Germany (about 6 miles outside Munich, in Bavaria in southern Germany) to take part in what I am calling ‘German Arty Big Brother’ and what the people who run it are calling defined by___ […]

Stitched Solar System Insanity

For some reason back at the start of the year I promised London’s Science Museum that I would make them a handmade Stitched Solar System (and added that it would be the biggest in the world). Famous last words and a surefire path to RSI. With the help of some hard-knitting Stitch Londoners (to be […]

New York Squids in the city: Mollusc at the Museum

One squid. One city museum. One mission. New York City’s American Museum of Natural History boasted more than 32 million species and artefacts in its hallowed halls. That’s a whole lot of beasts, birds and other bits. But there was one species that was tragically lacking in the museum’s myriad of mammals and monsters. It […]

New York Squids in the City: Statue of Squiddity

New York Squids in the City: Statue of Squiddity

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Liberty Island’s Statue of Liberty Construction Tour. It sure took a lot of people to put the big lady with the light together. Now if you step this way you’ll see Edouard Rene de Laboulaye who came up with the idea of the Statue. And this fella is Alexandre Gustave […]

New York Squids in the City: Tentacles at the Top of the Rock

Noo Yoik. A city of late-night hotdogs, steaming manhole covers and skyscrapers that go on forever. I arrived in the city that appears to not know what sleep is not too long ago. Little did I know I had stowaways. Cephalopod stowaways with plans to take over the city. I spotted one ten tentacled terror […]