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Jaisalmer (Thar Desert): “In the morning we go to meet your camel.”

Posted by on 27 Nov, 2008 in Animals, India, Knitting, Once in a Lifetime Stuff, People, Purl Interrupted, Taxis and rickshaws, Travel | 0 comments

I was first introduced to my camel as Michael Jackson (the camel’s name, not mine), but I later found out that his real name was Rallu. A much more camel-sounding name if you ask me.

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Pushkar: “The animals are arriving already!”

Posted by on 14 Nov, 2008 in Animals, India, Once in a Lifetime Stuff, Purl Interrupted, Sights, Travel | 3 comments

Off in the distance camels stretch into as far as the eye can see. Single humped, double humped, dark furred and light, rough haired, and two toed. Chewing with lower teeth jutting out from the split in their floppy camel lips. Adorned with cascades of all-coloured pompoms, plaits, and beaded trinkets, looking proud and silly all at once.

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