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Kathmandu: “These eyes are considered very beautiful.”

Posted by on 12 Dec, 2008 in Nepal, People, Purl Interrupted, Sights, Space Invaders, Temples, Travel | 9 comments

Kathmandu. I have always wanted to come to Kathmandu, though I didn’t really know anything about it. The name alone convinced me it was somewhere I needed to see. What did this Cat Man look like?

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Chitwan National Park: “If we see a tiger, we are quiet and meet him eye to eye.”

Posted by on 8 Dec, 2008 in Animals, Nepal, Once in a Lifetime Stuff, Purl Interrupted, Travel, Video | 6 comments

“If the rhino runs, we must run in a zig zag or climb a tree.”

We shuffled our feet nervously in the leaves on the jungle floor.

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Tatopani to Beni to Baglung to Pokhara: “Happy Jerni to Pasanjar.”

Posted by on 6 Dec, 2008 in Animals, Knitting, Nepal, People, Purl Interrupted, Taxis and rickshaws, Travel, Trekking | 0 comments

On four wheels instead of two feet at last. Now I could relax. Yes, there I was relaxing. Enter disaster, stage right.

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Sikha (1935m) to Tatopani (1200m) – Trek Day Four: “My name is Large Joyous Wisdom.”

Posted by on 5 Dec, 2008 in Knitting, Nepal, Once in a Lifetime Stuff, People, Purl Interrupted, Travel, Trekking | 4 comments