Free pattern: Stitched Slake Moth + Plarchie meets China Mieville

Free pattern: Stitched Slake Moth + Plarchie meets China Mieville

Slake Moths, from China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station, feed on people’s dreams, they excrete nightmare-making invisible poo, and they leave their victims behind as drooling hunks of human vegetable.

So what would make a more perfect tribute to Mr Mieville’s monsters than to immortalise them in lovely squishy yarn, I ask you?

Stitch London the book finally hatches!

Stitch London the book finally hatches!

Cor blimey, guvnor! Would you Adam and Eve it! I’ve only gone and written my first ever knitting pattern book and it’s packed to the rafters with loads of bloomin’ luvly London! Ahem… Beginnings: a Pigeon lands Stitch London the book fluttered into my brain like a manky one-legged Trafalgar Square pigeon when I first […]

Free Pattern: Blinkin’ Bookworm

Free Pattern: Blinkin’ Bookworm

To celebrate the release of my two ever-so-shiny book I’m releasing this free Blinkin’ Bookworm pattern into the wild just for you.

Knit him up and leave him somewhere bookish, whether its on your own bookshelf, munching through manuscripts at your local library or nibbling novels at your favourite book shop.

Manic Mars Martians Knitting Pattern

The life of a Manic Mars Martian is exhausting. They spend their days crazily rushing about making Mars Marmalade from mysterious Mars Mandarins for their tea and zipping behind rocks to hide from the prying eyes of nosy human telescopes spying for signs of life on Mars. The Martians are quite happy being left to […]

Free pattern: Captain Cat-Battler the Scurvy Catnip Mouse

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn! Me hearties! The notorious Captain Cat-Battler is a veteran of cat vs mouse conflict. Since the dawn of time, rodents and their feline foe have pitted their wits against one another. Captain Cat-Battler is a handmade hero of mousekind, keeping the cats of the world on their furry toes with his cunning and his […]

Free pattern: Floating Flutterguys

The Floating Flutterguy is a simple creature. He turns from a cocoon of scrap yarn into a beautiful woolly winged wonder in less time than it takes to scream “AGH! Is that a moth!? Get it away from my cashmere!!!”. Lucky for you (and for your cashmere) the Floating Flutterguy isn’t hungry for your yarn. […]

Knit Your Own Bloomin’ Bluebell

Spring has well and truly sprung and down in the woods there is a wonderland of bluebells blooming. Butterflies are fluttering, birds are singing, elves and pixies are playing volleyball in sunlit glades, and teddy bears are picnicking. It’s all rather lovely. The sad thing is that not everyone is aware of how fabulous the […]

The stitching of Squidius Knittius

The humble Stitched Squid (squidius knittius). This tiny tentacled terror appeared on my knitting needles one lazy Sunday and introduced himself by immediately challenging me to a wrestling match. How I laughed in his tiny face at the time. I realise now my terrible mistake. Too late. I may have created him for Stitch London’s […]