Handmade Melody: Cultural Hijack takes over the city

whodunnknit windchimes  sky

Yarnstorms tend to be quite quiet things. Lurking there all woolly and colourful but not really saying much to the ears. Why are the ears not included in the woolly love, I ask you? It’s a tragedy that must be fixed!

When Knit the City, my sneaky stitching street art collective, were invited to take part in Cultural Hijack, a month-long event of street art splendour running wildly around London and throwing art where ever it pleased, I jumped at the chance to do something stitchy alongside street artists from around the world. The only trouble was that the rest of the Knit the City team were all tied up. Sigh.

Happily for me I can always find some poor sucker to talk into having a go at releasing their talents into the wild. I asked my good friend, Blightea (master of melodies and lover of a good cuppa) if he fancied adding music to my handmade.

Together we created a handmade melody to sing songs to London’s South Bank.

knitted musical note

Say hello to a little knitted note


whodunnknit windchimes hayward gallery

A little light music at the end of the tunnel


whodunnknit windchimes up

Ping ping pong ping ping


whodunnknit windchimes south bank

Unexpected stitching and sounds this way


whodunnknit windchimes graffiti knitting

A floaty fibre-based feast for the eyeballs and earholes


whodunnknit windchimes  passer by

Obligatory confused passer by shot

Wanna hear it? Hell yeah you do! Here’s a sneaky peek. You can pretend you’re there by listening to it while spraying yourself with freezing cold water. It was cold and rather rainy. Not the best weather for perching at the top of a three-metre telescopic ladder at 3am but what can I say? I suffer for my stitched street art.


Be part of the art

The marvellous Peter McCaughey, co-conjurer of Cultural Hijack, came along to film it for the big Cultural Hijack: Rethinking Intervention taking place on May 25th (the day of this blog post). There’s still time to take part in tomorrow’s Transfer event if you fancy being part of some street art. Blightea and I will be there, rolling oil barrels around our fair city in a bid to turn the city into an art gallery. Woo hoo!

whodunnknit windchimes Cultural Hijack

Handmade Melody poses for the camera

Aaaand there’s be a bit more about my other part in Cultural Hijack very soon. It involves a cemetery, a giant head and a large amount of black yarn.

How to make a Handmade Melody

Here a look behind the scenes of our tuneful little yarnstorm:

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