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How to be a Handmade Hero Part 2: No sleep till Beneh Meriah

Posted by on 12 Nov, 2012 in Craftivist Jigsaw Project, Fantabulous Crafty People, Indonesia, Mice, Travel | 3 comments

The second thrilling instalment of my Indonesia trip with Save the Children and three fellow Crafty Avengers for the Craftivist Jigsaw Project. We travel to deepest Bener Meriah, come hell or rather too high water.

Also features more stuff on a bike than you can possibly imagine, more people in a pick-up truck then is healthy, and Hilary ‘Craftblog UK’ Pullen eating weird roadside fruit.


Not sure what I’m on about? Grab yourself a cup of tea and cast your eyeballs over a quick video where I hope to talk you into being a piece of possibly the most ambitious craft project to spring from the tips of tiny needles. Here’s How to be a Handmade Hero: Part 1.

Join us on the Save the Children Jigsaw Project page.

Read all about the project and why you should take part at: Being a piece of the Craftivist Jigsaw: how craft can help change the world for the better


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  1. Tess aka @homespunlife

    Following along from far-away Wisconsin in the U.S. Don’t drink the water Lauren, and make sure Toerag stays high and dry.


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