Launching the Stitch London book

Woo hoo! My first proper book by me, rather than by Deadly Knitshade (that Deadly Knitshade always gets the kudos).

I buried myself in yarn and words at the end of last year to conjure up my very first knitting pattern book, Stitch London. You can read all about how it came about here, but now it’s time to celebrate.

Stitch London the book fluttered into bookshops across the UK, US and Canada last month and my publishers, David and Charles, thought it was about time we celebrated after all the hard work.

In case you missed it here’s a peek at the night of purled pigeons, little knitty cupcakes and Plarchie, the giant knitted squid, stealing the limelight as always.

Foyles at the South Bank's Royal Festival Hall lets Plarchie welcome people. Very brave.

Cooey the Pigeon tempts people in

Some pretty knitty cupcakes from Love Cakes London

Plarchie the bouncer. Always on the alert to eat any shoplifters.

The cockney rhyming Rabbit and Pork Mug Hugger parties hearty

Stitch London Book Launch - Book signing

A bit 'o book signing. How do you spell 'pigeon' again?

The Monster Book of Monsters Book Cosy waits for unsuspecting fingers

Stitch London Book Launch - Momtaz peruses the book

The fabulous Momtaz persuses the book

You can see Momtaz’s lovely review of Stitch London here. 

Stitch London Book Launch - Plarchie and the pigeon

A courageous pigeon nests in Plarchie's tentacles.

A little Drip Umbrella Fella observes from above

Plarchie rudely earwigs on people's party chatter. The cheek!

Stitch London Book Launch - yaaaaaaaaaaaaarn for the pirate pigeon

Yaaaaaaaaarn! It be a one-legged scurvy pirate pigeon!

HUGE HUUUUUUUGE woolly hugs to everyone who came along and made the Stitch London book launch so fantabulous. It was a pleasure to party with you all.

Stitch London Book Launch - Lauren and her Bees and Honey Mug Hugger

Celebrating with a woolly mug of fizzy

And if you’re desperate to hear the book launch speeches then you’ll be pleased to know the lovely Sarah McIntyre (who also drew the lovely image of me at the top of this post) sneakily filmed it. Eek!

You can watch them here and pretend you were there. You can read Sarah’s fabulous post on the night over at her Jabberworks blog:

Thanks to Laura Babb and Gary Northfield for the pictures. Laura takes very lovely photos of weddings and all sorts. Check out her snaps and find out more here.

Massive thanks to Foyles at the Royal Festival Hall for hosting us too. Sorry if Plarchie ate some of your customers.

Sugar-coated thanks to Love Cakes London who made those amazing knitty cupcakes.

Woolly thanks to my pigeon-knitting pals Clare, Amy, Toria, Curlyminx (Deb) and my mum.

And hooray for David and Charles for organising my idea of book launch madness into some kind of order.


  1. Tanya - Strikk Handknits
    October 23, 2011

    and here’s to many more successful book launches.
    loving the octopus too 🙂

    • Deadly Knitshade
      October 23, 2011

      Thanks! More books would be fabulous. Especially if it means more cake and parties. 🙂

      Plarchie has two more legs than an octopus, so he’s officially a squid. He says to tell you that he loves you too. Run for the hills!!!

  2. san's
    October 25, 2011

    Stitch London is awesome I got my copy way down here in Oz i love Cooey and Toerag and Fleabag which ive already conquered i hated with avengence dpn’s but i simply had to persevere cause i love them oh i love the umbrella fellas and the mug huggers shall i go on nope your book is wonderful
    Even tho im no londoner [my ancester’s were but they got a free ride to Oz thanks to the gov… fancy stealing a little piece of cow to feed 9 kids and you get 14 years …] i shant go on my friends are fed up with my rambelling thanks for an awesome book

    • Deadly Knitshade
      October 25, 2011

      Hee hee! I’m so pleased you like it. It makes my day to know that after all my hard work someone is knitting! 🙂

      I hate DPNs too, hence the instructions for using magic loop in the book. Magic loop is your friend.

      I’d love to see some pics of your little knits if you fancy uploading them to the Planet Whodunnknit page.