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Stitch London Spectacular Purled-Pigeon-Perched Book Launch

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Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and gents of London, come and see the woolly wonders of London and marvel at your very own city turned knit. Come one, come all to the

Stitch London Spectacular Purled-Pigeon-Perched Book Launch

Stitch London Launch

You can:

Cast your mince pies over 40 kooky little knits from the Stitch London book

Tango with Plarchie, the strangely attractive and rather debonair, giant knitted squid

Get your book signed by me and meet Cooey the Pigeon , star of Stitch London (who will sign your book too)

Stuff your face with damned tasty pretty knitty cupcakes

Slurp a glass of booze in honour of city knitting

Witness the author bumble her way through some kind of thank you speech

Hear a bit about the charity some of the proceeds from each book go towards from the folks at Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research

Hang out with some of London’s loveliest crafty people

Marvel at a whole parade of knitted pigeons

When? Wednesday 5th October

What time? 18:00 – 22:00

Who? You, everyone else, Cooey the Pigeon and Plarchie

Where? Foyles at the Royal Festival Hall
South Bank Centre
Belvedere Road

More info? There’s a Facebook event here. Attend! Attend!

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