Behind the handmade: Cooey the Pigeon (with competition)

“Who’s that pecking your left lunch? Cooey the Pigeon!

Who sits and coos on Churchill’s hunch? Cooey the Pigeon!

Who braves the hawk in old Traf Square? Cooey the Pigeon!

Who just dropped whitewash in your hair? Cooey the Pigeon!”

Traditional Cooey the Pigeon song, circa. 2011


Yes folks, it’s Cooey the Pigeon. London’s most lovely woolly winged bird of the people and star of the Stitch London book. Some call her the purly pigeon princess of London birdlife. Some say she’s got more strut than Tower Bridge. There are even rumours she been seen out on the town with some of London’s most infamous celebrity birds. But one thing is clear, when Stitch London’s makers chose Cooey as their star they had no idea of the rollercoaster ride of fame this adorable avian was headed for.

Starting her career as a model at Deptford’s Fleece Station, where many of Stitch London’s kooky little knits were brought to life, Cooey was a natural in front of the camera:

Come on, vogue! Vogue!

Cooey got back

So enamoured by her feathered femme fatale poses were the publishing team at David and Charles, that they flew her off on an all-expenses paid trip to sunny Newton Abbot for a Stitch London cover girl audition.

Cooey wonders what the in flight movie will be

 And zut alors! When Cooey returned not only had she won a place on the cover. She had also won a place in the cover! There was to be a Cooey the Pigeon kit in the front of every single copy of Stitch London.

Cooey the cover girl

By the time the Stitch London photo shoot for the book arrived, Cooey was loving the camera in true Birdlife’s Next Top Model style. She pouted from pavements, gave a bit of Blue Steel from branches of trees, and bust out impressive smeyes (smiling with just your eyes) skills in Trafalgar Square.

Cooey, one of the really really really good-looking people

Cooey, one of the really really really good-looking people

ROWR! Cooey gives it attitude in Traf Square

It wasn’t long before Cooey tired of the limitations of still pictures. She was ready to take the next step. The silver screen beckoned and Cooey was not about to ignore the call.

On the set of the Knit the Pigeon: the Movie, Cooey insisted on, not only her own trailer with fresh bird seed delivered to the door every morning, but also a small Persian kitten to ride around on between locations. Cooey had true diva sass but her winsome woolly waddle and sweetheart fibre-feathered face ensured the crew were putty in her wings.

Knit the Pigeon: the Movie was released to worldwide acclaim. According to Rotten Tomatoes it is set to be the feel-good film of the season.

It’s here that tragedy finally hits as the dizzy heights of fame took their toll. Stalked relentlessly by the pigeon paparazzi, Cooey was rumoured to have pecked the ankle of a particularly pesky photographer from one of the UK’s most odious tabloids. It made headline news in 54 countries worldwide.

Cooey appeared before the press earlier this week to make this statement:

“Coo. Coo coo coo coo. Coo coo. Coo coo coo coo cooooo. Coo.”

Cooey then disappeared from the public eye. Some say she has had her features reknitted and is living in the Amazon rainforest working at a Birds of Paradise tourist show. Some say she married a rich entrepreneur and spends her day at the poolside, sipping seed cocktails. Some say she rode her Persian kitten off Beachy Head.

But there is hope.

Recent reports indicate that Cooey sightings have been taking place around London. Detectives at are appealing for witnesses to come forwards and give any information on Cooey’s whereabouts they have. Over the next ten weeks photo clues will be revealed. All you need to do is work them out and tell us where Cooey is.

There are substantial knitting-themed rewards being offered each week for information leading to Cooey’s position.

Please help us to find Cooey and bring her home safely before she ends up in a pigeon pie.

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Where's Cooey?