Manic Mars Martians Knitting Pattern

The life of a Manic Mars Martian is exhausting. They spend their days crazily rushing about making Mars Marmalade from mysterious Mars Mandarins for their tea and zipping behind rocks to hide from the prying eyes of nosy human telescopes spying for signs of life on Mars. The Martians are quite happy being left to glug down their Marmalade Tea is peace, thank you very much!

Manic Mars Martians have landed!

On a special expedition these Mars Martians dropped into London’s Science Museum to visit Stitch London’s Stitched Science event and give the nosy humans a taste of their own medicine. Visitors to the Museum could make one for themselves and let them spy on us for a change.

Martians taking over handknitted Mars at London's Science Museum! EEEEE!

Since the Manic Mars Martian Knitting Pattern was so popular I’m selling it here on Whodunnknit for the bargain price of 99p! All profits from the pattern will go towards keeping Stitch London meeting, teaching and running cosmic crafty events for free. It’s the perfect pattern for beginners, tiny knitters and folks looking to conjure something kooky.

Buy me! Make me! FEED ME JAM!!!


More on my Solar System Stitching soon…


  1. annalies white
    October 21, 2012

    what yarn did you use for the rainbow ones i love that yarn!

    • Deadly Knitshade
      November 1, 2012

      I think it was Patons Fab Dk Plain Fruity. 🙂