Knitblast the Seventh: confused Tower Bridge tourists

The Stitch and Bitch London Knit Crawl for Worldwide Knit in Public Day.

Four iconic London sights.

Four chances to knitblast four iconic London sights.

Thats which Bridge?

That's which Bridge?

Stop one. Tower Bridge. Not London Bridge. Tower Bridge.

Tourist: “Excuse me. We’re looking for the London Bridge. Is that the London Bridge?”

Londoner: “No, that’s Tower Bridge. London Bridge is that way.”

*points in direction of London Bridge*

Tourist: “And that building over there? Is that the London Tower? It doesn’t look like a tower. It’s kind of small.”

Londoner: “That’s the Tower of London. The crown jewels live there. And some ravens. If the ravens leave then the White Tower, the monarchy, and the entire kingdom will fall. They’re holding up a whole lot of things, those ravens.”

Tourist: “So this is the Tower of London Bridge?”

Londoner: “No, it’s Tower Bridge. London Bridge is still that way.”

*points in direction of London Bridge*

Londoner: “But the original London Bridge is in Arizona.”

*points in direction of Arizona*

Tourist: “You guys sure do drink a lot of tea.”

Londoner: “You’ll have to excuse me. I feel I’m going to involuntarily wrap something in knitting now.”

*runs away*


  1. fingersandtoes
    July 20, 2009

    London Bridge, that world famous London tourist attraction…

    • Deadly Knitshade
      July 20, 2009

      Hee hee. Try googling London Bridge and see how many Tower Bridge pictures come up. *sighs*