Phonebox Cosy: A yarnstorm hits Parliament Square

Learning to live with knitblasting randomly all over the city has its ups and down, but it’s always nice to team up with the Knit the City Yarn Corps for a bit of group yarnstorming.

This week I think we outdid ourselves. The police-swarmed environs of Parliament Square held no fear for us. Well, okay, that’s a lie. There was fear, but it was good fear. The kind of fear you get when you yarnstorm a phonebox in one of the most patrolled and CCTVed areas of London.


One very yarnstormed phonebox and Big Ben

One very yarnstormed phonebox and Big Ben

Not even the local constabulary are willing to stand in the way of wrapping something in the most inoffensive of street artforms. You could almost see memories of grannies, shortbread biscuits, knee-length ‘trousers’, and the clicking of needles by the fireside in their eyes.

I live and knitblast in a city that is made for turning a blind eye so its citizens can colour stuff a little kooky.

I utterly love London.